What Is cafe mimi Lalafanfan Duck and Why Is It So Popular?

What Is Lalafanfan Duck and Why Is It So Popular

Take a look at plush options in any toyshop: there will be bears, kittens, bunnies, etc. But you will rarely see a fish or a bird. According to experts, toys with beaks or fishtails are not financially beneficial to produce. But there are exceptions. Just remember all that hype around Ikea’s shark Blahaj or the Lalafanfan duckling that has recently shaken the market.

The cafe mimi Duck’s Origin

A fancy plush creature looks like a human but has a bird head. The lala fan duck flew from South Korea in 2021, but it has actually been on the market for a couple of years. Its designers, a small Seoul-based toy studio Cafe Mimi, first published a post about their new collection on their Instagram @cafe_mimi in 2016.

The studio probably didn’t expect the creation to be in such demand. But the real fame came after the guys from the popular boyband BTS posted a photo of a cute bird. So Cafe Mimi started collaborating with a major clothing and accessory manufacturer Chuu to cope with the ocean of orders.

The creature became a worldwide phenomenon in 2021 thanks to short Tik Tok clips. Kids and adults made viral videos and even created profiles for their plush friends.

Types of Lalafanfan Toys

Types of Lalafanfan Toys

Different Species

The plush duck with blushing cheeks is not the only character in the Cafe Mimi collection. There is also a lalafan pig, an Akita Inu dog (like Hachiko), a penguin, and a fanfanchuu frog.

But it is the feathered creature that is riding on the wave of fame. Today you can find all kinds of ducks:

  • green,
  • blue ducks,
  • purple,
  • yellow ducks,
  • pink,
  • gray,
  • white ducks, etc.

Paper Incarnation

Fans have come up with a new way to play with the duckling. Namely, they make paper versions.

There are lots of pictures of toys in suits and even cool duck houses. Unlike the plush version, the paper outfits are endless. Just pick one, print, cut out, and paint it in whatever colors you like. Get as many garments and accessories as you want to dress up and beautify your duck.

Children love creating the little duck with their own hands. They are ready to spend hours choosing and changing garments, discussing designs with friends, and trying to make layouts on their own. By the way, the latter is not as difficult as many people think. Check out this tutorial on how to craft your own feathered creature with clothes.

Cool Merch

Like it happens with any virus-like content, the outlook or form of the famous duck-toy has been adapted to produce other items. There are lots of duck-shaped slippers, backpacks, key chains, T-shirts, socks, phone/headphone cases, purses, puzzles, cakes, sweets, and even browser games. The lalafan fan duck hooks both kids and adults.

Cafe mimi duck сlothing and Accessories

Lalafanfan Cafe Mimi Clothing and Accessories

Buy Ready Made Garments for the Fanfanduck

The toy doesn’t only have an aesthetically pleasing face and human-like outlook but also removable items. This is the key feature that keeps so many kids enchanted by their Cafe Mimi plush friend. And not just dresses, but also glasses, hats, bags, trousers, headbands, sweaters, scarves, hoodies, and jewelry. Where to buy them? There are several places:

  • Ozon. This marketplace is flooded with toys: both ready-made sets and separate pieces of clothing. Buy only from the official site or app.
  • AliExpress. The variety of ducks is always rich there. Products from China are not necessarily bad. You can find both cool and not-so options. But the price will be several times lower than in any other online store (especially if you take them wholesale). In addition, it’s the best place to look for rare and odd modifications. For example, a duck-gardener (especially popular in 2021) or even Santa.
  • Amazon. Here sellers offer both already used items for the duck doll and new handmade pieces.
    Instagram stores. This is the coolest option. Talented masters design, sew and sell top-notch clothes themselves.
  • How much does a Cafe Mimi fluffy duck cost? They range somewhere between $20-$150. Dressed-up ducks, dogs, frogs, and other stuffed animals with glasses and overalls are usually more expensive than those without accessories.

Sew Yourself Using Patterns

There are many channels on YouTube that offer detailed tutorials on how to make clothes for the fan fan Chuu duck, frog, and other animals. While this might be a little tricky for small fans (they’ll need some help), teenagers are sure to have no problems at all. Just find the pattern you like, print it, buy materials and start creating!

It’s a chance to kill 2 birds with 1 stone: do something interesting and save money on buying the original fanfan duck.

Features That Speak of the Original

Features That Speak of the Original

Obvious Parameters

Apart from overall high quality (good materials and sewing without loose threads), the plush Mimi duck has additional characteristics that help determine its authenticity:

  • The lalafanfan duck toy is 30 cm tall (measuring with the crest on the head) and weighs about 450 g.
  • The eyes are near the beak, but not too close to each other (as made in most fakes). In the original, the black beads are set wide apart and near the cheeks.
  • There is a broad ribbon around the neck. “Cafe Mimi” is written on the front and fixed with threads on the back. The fake toys wear a very thin ribbon that can be simply untied.
  • Get primed for bright colors. If it is yellow, then it’s pure and without any greenish hues.
  • The glasses are in thin frames.
  • The stuffing is very dense and hardly shrinks when pressed, with no zippers, locks, or pockets on the body. Fakes are usually soft and pillowy.

The Reputation of the Store

The maddening popularity and simple manufacture of the toy are very fortunate circumstances for widespread production. Now it’s made not only by the brand Lalafanfan Cafe Mimi, Mocost, and their partners Chuu but also by anyone who wants to benefit from it. In most cases, it’s illegal.

But this is not always a bad thing for customers because the price is usually lower. Besides, some fakes are hard to distinguish from the original. There are 2 things you should check before making the purchase:

  • Read the reviews about the seller. If people send positive feedback and show photos of the duckling (where it’s exactly like the seller promises), then the chances of getting a good product are higher.
  • Find information about the return process. If you have any doubts, you’ll have an opportunity to send it back.

Kids Love It

The kawaii duck, frog, and other animals are going to be a trendy phenomenon in 2022

The kawaii duck, frog, and other animals are going to be a trendy phenomenon in 2022. Kids discuss their pets, compare accessories, take pictures, and even exchange Cafe Mimi duck clothes. How much is it? Is it worth buying? Check out this: the duck becomes an important topic of conversation and a socialization booster. Without it, the child loses an interesting hobby to share with friends. Do you really want to deprive your kids of this?

If you’re not ready to buy an expensive Korean original, settle on more affordable Chinese alternatives. They cost less (especially without the accessories, which are cheaper to get separately), and the quality is often the same (and even better in some cases). If you want to know more before purchasing, study the additional information on the Lalafanfan Cafe Mimi website.

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