Unpacking Duck lalafanfan

Unpacking Duck lalafanfan

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  • by Loop Star シ︎ Posted 10.02.2022 12:53

    💗💫 you are so cute! =3

  • by Melika Hosseini Posted 16.02.2022 08:39

    How much money are those

  • by Lisa Moore Posted 16.02.2022 08:39

    I’ve wanted one

  • by ducky_coolduck🐥 Posted 22.03.2022 06:07

    Where do they Sell them telll meeeee

  • by 🍀S Ų N X Ý ÅŅĐ Ø R E O🐹 Posted 31.03.2022 16:06

    So cute

  • by velia aldana contreras Posted 31.03.2022 16:06

    Nadie en español

  • by venkateswar reddy Posted 19.04.2022 05:49

    So cute

  • by Mirimir Guevara Posted 19.04.2022 05:49

    Hola amiga, yo soy de México y tengo 6 años. También me gusta Lalafanfan y tengo una igual a la tuya . Te mando saludos 🐤

  • by rangga dewanto Posted 20.04.2022 16:17

    Omay gat kyut

  • by patito_papel_dulce Posted 24.04.2022 22:00

    Yo tengo uno de esos

  • by Ohayo amigos🍄 Posted 27.04.2022 10:46

    Good luck for have an LaLaFanFan

  • by Лала фанфан Posted 28.04.2022 16:05

    Hello It's Love on It's morning Fix Price It's Surprise

  • by F⃝e⃝l⃝i⃝c⃝i⃝a⃝ N⃝ ♡︎ Posted 05.05.2022 16:06

    I just bought one somewhere but not on aliexpress of others just from outside there really cute tho i was tryna find a pyjama for the duck but i wanted a fast delivery from aliexpress but i didnt find one sadly

  • by Ollie ↝ Posted 09.05.2022 11:36

    where can i get one of these theyre so cutee

  • by hele Truffa Posted 12.05.2022 14:55

    So cuteeee (◍•ᴗ•◍)(。・ω・。)ノ♡

  • by gooby goob Posted 07.06.2022 13:25

    I got one from Ebay (my mum said i cant do aliexpress) and its in a cute bunny onesie

  • by mis patitos de tik tok Posted 16.06.2022 16:07

    es orible tu pato el mio es megor el Tullo eñse neta que es trucho es tods una falta

  • by Paper duck Posted 16.06.2022 16:07

    Nice video ! I ordered 3 duck plush on Lazada and 3 pcs of clothes for them 😀 I earn money from doing chores are my mom and dad gave me some. Money for free 😀

  • by mis patitos de tik tok Posted 24.06.2022 01:38

    A y el tu lloes blanco feo el mi es rosa y otro de se leste y otro verde y Amariyo

  • by 🍄LalafanfanUwU Posted 03.07.2022 23:45

    Hola Y me consegi otro pato Si tus seguidores quieren derloEsta en micanal a y tu pato esFeo como tu

  • by Sama Gamer Posted 10.07.2022 08:33

    Love you 💘😘🥺🍓✨

  • by °•{ Marguis Gamer}•° Posted 28.07.2022 14:36

    Wow so cute i love lalafanfan duck

  • by 최미숙 Posted 17.10.2022 01:07

    хаана зардаг вэ?

  • by 🌸Toca Leila🌸 Posted 17.10.2022 01:07

    Dies of cuteniss❤🥥🐥

  • by ruii warutta Posted 17.10.2022 01:07

    𝐓𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐤 🙏 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐬𝐨 𝐦𝐮𝐜𝐡 😊

  • by Mónica Gabriela Burgos Gallegos Posted 17.10.2022 01:07

    Niña me ni deja

  • by Mónica Gabriela Burgos Gallegos Posted 17.10.2022 01:07


  • by Miranda Maria Posted 17.10.2022 01:07


  • by ❤️Gabriella things❤️ Posted 17.10.2022 01:07

    Where you got her?

  • by Mariela Castillo Posted 17.10.2022 23:15

    OMG You duck is cute 😍😍

  • by | L○VE L/LAFAN Posted 17.10.2022 23:15

    it's so cuteee, you can see that I enjoy his duckling <3

  • by Jaxxwhoahh Posted 17.10.2022 23:15

    No one is gonna talk abt the address they showed us

  • by Michigan UwU Posted 17.10.2022 23:15

    hello a question how much did that duckling cost is that my niece wants one like that

  • by club 5 Posted 20.10.2022 10:15

    Your luckier than me I cant get one ☹😕☹

  • by Meow Sare Gürbüz Posted 23.11.2022 01:23


  • by scarlett matamoros Posted 28.11.2022 02:59

    Y soomoch

  • by Liguen Posted 08.12.2022 16:00

    💫Esta hermosisimo lo ame aliecpress no es tan bueno como dicen en realidad si sos de paises de latam recomendaria mercado libre ❤

  • by mari Posted 15.12.2022 09:10

    Good lalafan

  • by Peaches Posted 19.12.2022 20:28

    OMG where did you get this Lalafanfan duck From because I seen some on Amazon that I wanna get but idk if they are legit lalafanfan ducks or nock offs please someone direct me in the right way so I can get my hands on one ASAP thanks and happy Holidays everyone

  • by JANICE WONG WIN SEE Moe Posted 28.12.2022 08:02

    Omg 😱 so cute 🥰 my said I could get one it came today yay 😀!

  • by Elsy Sorjani Suazo Coello Posted 04.01.2023 09:49

    I have one too ! The name of my duck is koko👍

  • by Frank Carrera Posted 02.02.2023 16:00

    Es de otro país nolopodre consegir😥😭😥🐤

  • by Family Gigovi Posted 04.02.2023 09:31

    I buy one bazar.BG . From bullgarian. I think its coming Monday

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