Popular Lalafanfan Duck in Clothes – Cool Merchandise

Popular Lalafanfan Duck in Clothes - Cool Merchandise

Like any contagious content, the image of the original duckling toy has been used on other items. Thus, you can find slippers in the form of ducklings, backpacks, key chains, T-shirts, socks, phone/headphone covers, wallets, puzzles, duck cakes, and even browser games.

The lalafanfan duck is not only clinging to children, but to adults as well.

Clothes and accessories for Lalafanfan duckling

Clothes and accessories for Lalafan duckling

You can buy a duck in ready-to-wear clothes

In addition to the cute face and human features, the crowning feature of the lalafanfan soft toy duck is the removable items. Not only dresses, but also glasses, hats, bags, pants, sweaters, scarves, hoodies, head bows, and jewelry. There are several places where you can buy a Lalafan duck:

  • Amazon and Ebay. These sites are flooded with toys: there are both ready-made sets and individual pieces of clothing. Buy only from official sites or apps.
  • Aliexpress. With a variety of Duckies here, everything is at a high level, as well as with the quality: there are cool options and low-quality products. But the price of duck from China will be several times lower than in any other online store. It is most profitable to buy in bulk, a few pieces at a time.
  • Instagram stores. This is the coolest option. Masters themselves design and sew toys and clothes of high quality.

Tip: Here you can find modifications similar to the popular “Duck with a Knife” meme, or interesting images, such as a gardening duck or a New Year’s lalafanfan Duck.

How much does a toy duck duck cost? You can find it for 25$ – 125$.

Make your own clothes and accessories for the duck by the pattern

Make your own clothes and accessories for the duck by the pattern

There are many channels on YouTube that offer detailed breakdowns, tutorials, and videos on sewing clothes for Ootie. If it would be a little tricky for a little fan (you’ll need a parent’s help), teenagers can do it without a problem. By the way, duckies are a cool idea for a project in high school.

Some schools require a sewing class to choose an item that the student makes on their own. A real fan will have the most fun doing such an assignment. And you can also save money on buying original ducklings.

The obvious parameters of the original toy to make

The obvious parameters of the original toy to make

In addition to the high quality of workmanship (good material and sewing without protruding threads and divergent seams), the Lalafanfan duck original has additional features that help to determine the authenticity of the product:

  • Including the crest on its head, the Lalafanfan duck soft toy is 30 cm tall and weighs about 450 g.
  • The eyes are planted near the beak, but not too close together (as seen in most fakes). In the original, the black beads are widely spaced and near the cheeks.
  • The lalafanfan duckling usually has a wide ribbon around the neck with Cafe Mimi written on the front and sewn on the back. There is a brass bell on the front. The faux toys wear a very thin headband that is simply tied with a bow.
  • The duck is painted in bright colors. If it is yellow, without any greenish hue.
  • The duck’s glasses are in thin frames.
  • The padding is very dense and hardly shrinks when pressed, there are no zippers, locks or pockets on the body, and the head holds its shape. Fakes are usually soft and pliable.