Origami Lalafanfan Paper Colour Box

Idea! How to make a Lalafanfan pencil case with your own hands? Organizer for pencils will be the best gift for your girlfriend or just decorate your desktop. Make yourself a box from cardboard in the form of a puffy Lalafanfan duck on a template, glue it with cardboard and show it to your classmates. Such crafts will please everyone.

How to make a Lalafanfan pencil case with your own hands

Let’s make an origami paper box in the form of a duck Lalafan! In such a pencil case you can store office supplies, cassettes and stickers or small accessories. Have you seen how great this box opens? Pull the duck’s beak and open the pencil case! By the way, you can also use this box as a gift: put sweets inside and give them to your friends!

We will need:

  1. a sheet of paper 21×21 cm / 8×8 inches for the top box
  2. sheet of paper 20.5×20.5 cm / 7.7 inches for the inner box
  3. small paper for the beak
  4. markers, scissors and glue
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