LALAFANFAN Duck Clothing Haul – Something smells fishy

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We bought some clothes for our Lalafanfan Ducks

Miss you, love you, BYE!!!

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15 Comment(s)

  • by Rosa Maria Posted 17.10.2022 22:08

    Love lalafanfan

  • by ❤️Gabriella things❤️ Posted 17.10.2022 22:08

    Cutteeeee where you got these sets?

  • by Samantha Ayres Posted 17.10.2022 22:08

    So cute! They kinda of remind me of build a bears when you dress them 😍

  • by random Posted 11.01.2023 18:33


  • by Giselle Garcia Posted 30.01.2023 23:18

    Can I have one plz🥺

  • by ᗷᖇEᑎᑎᗩ☾ Posted 21.02.2023 17:02

    I am sitting on my bed watching this with my duck

  • by Kitti Posted 03.04.2023 00:25

    Actually, you're supposed put the handbag over the legs and then pull it up.

  • by Bea Weirdo Posted 04.04.2023 20:33

    Loved the video, seeing it with my duck, you need to cross de bag.

  • by Lize Vangoidsenhoven Posted 10.06.2023 18:52

    Are you Dutch? Bc I kinda hear a Netheland accent

  • by ♡ milkcreambinky ♡ Posted 11.10.2023 23:48

    Heart My Comment Please

  • by @viozadoptmeofficial Posted 26.12.2023 19:53

    Where to buy their cloths?

  • by @angelinakuzmyk4596 Posted 30.12.2023 16:03

    It is actualy possible to put the bag on

  • by @user-mx2jc8yq2c Posted 01.01.2024 03:17

    (_/)( ' . ' )(7🍓

  • by @user-mx2jc8yq2c Posted 10.01.2024 17:52


  • by @Pochacco378 Posted 05.02.2024 10:08

    bro they are fake!!!!!

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