How to make Lalafanfan paper duck TikTok trend pencil case

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How to make lalafanfan peper duck TikTok trend

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Creating a paper duck from TikTok trend with our own hands

Creating a paper duck from Tik-Tok with our own hands

Almost every girl in her childhood had a paper doll dresser, for which various outfits were drawn on scrapbook or notebook sheets, and then played whole fashion shows or other games with dressing up.

These dolls looked different at different times. In the 90โ€™s they looked like the inaccessible and coveted Barbie doll for many, then there was LOL. The latest trend is the Tik Tok toy paper duck, the prototype of the plush Lalafan doll.

What is the peculiarity of the Lalafan duckย from TikTok

The plush toy LalaFanfan Duck has conquered not only children, but also adults, some of whom even collect these toys or use them as an interior accessory.

Creating a paper duck from Tik-Tok with our own hands

Despite the fact that the duck has become a star of social networks such as Tik Tok and Instagram, its creators were able to embody in it all the best that the toy can give a child:

Not only can you play with the plush friend yourself or with other children, but you can also take it to bed with you. Touching the soft and pleasant to the touch cannon will perfectly soothe the child.

Creating a paper duck from Tik-Tok with our own hands

For Lalafan, you can buy a variety of clothes and accessories with which you can create different images, and come up with new games every day.

With the duck, you can make a cool video or make a beautiful photo shoot, for example, repeating her outfit. Such an idea will especially appeal to active users of Tik-Tok and other social networks.

The toy has another huge plus โ€“ it is easy to draw it, even with minimal artistic skills, so the handmade paper version of the dress-up doll has become no less popular than the plush duck from the store.

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