Easy Origami Paper Duck Lalafanfan: How To Make Origami Paper Duck

Let’s make paper origami duck Lalafanfan without glue or tape! Look how cute she is! You can easily remove the body with clothes from this duck and change her outfit! Let’s make a lot of cool outfits for her! Create different looks and accessories for your stylish duck!

We will need:
– a sheet of paper 14×14 cm / 5.5×5.5 inches for the head
– sheet of paper 15×15 cm / 6×6 inches for the body (make several with different clothes)
– markers and pens

• Keep the paper fixed and flat
• Make sure all edges lined up
• Follow the instructions carefully
• Watch the video in HD and pause as needed


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Easy Origami Paper Duck Lalafanfan – How To Make Origami Paper Duck

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