Cute LaLafanfan Cafe Duck Plush Toy for girls

Cute LaLafanfan Cafe Duck Plush Toy for girls

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  • by Jose luis Vivanco vasquez Posted 25.01.2022 18:35


  • by Jose luis Vivanco vasquez Posted 25.01.2022 18:35

    Where u bouqht ducky ?

  • by Ангеліна Свись Posted 25.01.2022 18:35


  • by Mocha queen☃ Posted 25.01.2022 18:35

    im getting the white duck in this yellow cafe suit and im buying some clothes for it

  • by ItzB ell Posted 25.01.2022 18:35

    Where u bought ducky?

  • by Maria Gnutova Posted 25.01.2022 18:35

    Where do you get the clothes?

  • by Papaya Time Posted 25.01.2022 18:35

    Cute, but they are for everyone not just girls.

  • by Joanna Johnston Posted 26.01.2022 21:30

    awww so cute

  • by Clara Flores Posted 28.01.2022 13:14


  • by Feels 💋 Posted 12.02.2022 13:42

    Omg so cute ilove it

  • by Michifus♡ Posted 19.02.2022 05:32

    Give me one plissss

  • by Damián Martínez Posted 10.03.2022 12:25

    I'm a boy and I had one feminist 😡😡

  • by Mohammad Adil XI-c Posted 17.03.2022 16:07

    Where can i buy it in India?

  • by 《RetroPixel127》 Posted 07.04.2022 16:09

    I can't think of this without that song by Ween
    Thanks BooneBum

  • by Desiree Bracho Posted 07.04.2022 16:09

    En cuan yo lo venden mi hermana quiere uno

  • by Shota Xeladze Posted 09.04.2022 21:23

    Where for sale

  • by Desiree Bracho Posted 09.04.2022 21:23

    En cuan yo lo venden mi hermana quiere uno

  • by Sofia Flores Posted 12.04.2022 03:19

    Donde. Lo. Venden

  • by Marilou Alvarez Posted 12.04.2022 03:19

    This is so cute i want to get one

  • by CherryBlossom Posted 23.04.2022 06:48

    Where did you get it?

  • by Toca 1351 Posted 01.05.2022 06:57

    Can we order in Qatar?

  • by Mohammad Shakeri Posted 13.05.2022 09:13

    soooo cute

  • by Dan Taffe Posted 07.06.2022 13:16

    I have one

  • by уточка лалафанфан утя Posted 07.06.2022 13:16


  • by Dan Taffe Posted 08.06.2022 22:45

    I have one

  • by Da weird girl Posted 24.06.2022 10:44

    There for everyone not just girls

  • by JACOB SNÖBLOND Posted 30.06.2022 09:33

    I got one for my girlfriend… She's gonna love it

  • by ⚡️ Mousy the mice⚡️ Posted 05.07.2022 23:51


  • by 🧸fluffee🧸 Posted 10.07.2022 01:22

    I always think the duck is EXTREMELY ADORABLE

  • by #suchABaddie Posted 19.07.2022 05:59

    This is for everyone not just girls but im getting mine tommorow

  • by Milkshake Posted 17.10.2022 20:21

    sees in title “for girls”
    Me: No I think they’re for everyone and they are so cute!!

  • by Andreza Cardoso Posted 17.10.2022 20:21


  • by MadDaGonk💅💚 Posted 17.10.2022 20:21

    And boys (I have one I’m not a boy but whatever btw no hate!)

  • by lav Posted 05.11.2022 17:16

    Um why did you put "for girls" at the end of the title…like anyone can play with this plush toy there made for babys from 1-3 and you like 20 playing with it what im trying to say is anyone can play with this toy girls,boys and so on

  • by Peach Dreams Posted 14.11.2022 06:09

    My little brother has one, so technically he’s not a girl😅

  • by Kamilah brooks Posted 24.11.2022 16:09

    I hate the title this duck is made for all people

  • by Violet Yem Posted 07.01.2023 02:45

    Im got to get this it is SO ❤CUTE❤ Like if you think the same 👇

  • by Panda 🐼 Posted 23.02.2023 02:18

    When u open the duck have many outfit did u get?

  • by nop Posted 15.03.2023 16:51

    Where did you get the clothes? And how much is the clothes??

  • by Silvina Mendez Posted 20.04.2023 16:07

    Hello my name isLiliana and I like and subscribe and I comment down below and I really wanted to tell you this can I really get one of those I really want one of those but could it be the color please I love your videos I saw them

  • by •flora kit• Posted 06.06.2023 06:41

    It’s hit only for girls it can be for boys too

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