Cheekys Morning Routine – Lalafanfan Duck (short)

Hello! I hope you enjoyed the first ever video of Cheeky on this channel ! So I was planning to do a full-day routine, however I got busy, so i will do one next time or perhaps i will make multiple parts hihi, for now here’s Cheekys morning routine 🙂

This video was somewhat inspired by: so go check them out as well.

This video/project was made for fun, so I hope you enjoyed Cheekys Routine~☆

Cheeky is a lalafanfan duck which is popular in South Korea and somewhat overseas. They are FAN FAN chuu merchandise basically.
-You can get them here:

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I hope you enjoyed this video, thank you for watching!

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  • by Jose luis Vivanco vasquez Posted 25.01.2022 18:40

    Aw su cuta ¡!!¡!!

  • by Mocha queen☃ Posted 25.01.2022 18:40

    more pls

  • by SunnyAllyParty Posted 25.01.2022 18:40

    Hii my friend and I are getting laffin ducks and we just wanted to check, how do u wash laffin ducks???

  • by Mocha queen☃ Posted 25.01.2022 18:40

    more pls

  • by Lily_Mango Posted 25.01.2022 18:40

    :O so cute!

  • by Amekasa Posted 25.01.2022 18:40

    i love it !

  • by 𝐦𝐨𝐜𝐡𝐢&𝐤𝐢𝐤𝐢 fp Posted 25.01.2022 18:40

    O M G S O O C U T E!

  • by Cheeky ! Posted 26.01.2022 23:30


  • by Hannochi. Posted 26.01.2022 23:30

    Aw so cute!!

  • by not_light Posted 26.01.2022 23:30

    More videos please

  • by Mei’s adventures! Posted 26.01.2022 23:30

    Hi cheeky! I love this<3

  • by Cheeky ! Posted 26.01.2022 23:30

    I’ve noticed the transitions in the video/each clip was really short and inconsistent, I will work on those next time and try to make the clips longer, I’m sorry about that. I was rushing each clip since the music in the background was only one minute long. I thought I was going to do a full routine, but I must changed my mind lmao. It looks very choppy huh 😭 Anyways, besides that I hope you enjoyed the video and I’m sorry about the transitions.


    Anyways,, to the point. I just wanted to apologize for not posting, I completely forgot about this channel until I opened it and was like yeah. I’ve been busy with school & work, I promise I’ll try to get back on track as soon as I can. I hope you guys have an amazing day, and cheeky misses you <3 I will try to post as soon as possible.

    ^^ A lot of people have been requesting for us to post more, so if you have any ideas/suggestions, please leave them below. I’m so sorry if I saw your comment late.

    -Also if you’d like, I have some social medias for Cheeky if you’d like to check that out. I will post on there more as well.
    Tiktok: heartcheeky

  • by *Donuts * Posted 05.02.2022 21:56

    bring more 🥰🥰💓💗💗🥺

  • by Cheeky ! Posted 05.02.2022 21:56

    Hello Friends! I am so sorry for the lack of content as I have been busy and had no time to film. However, I will try my best to get on track as soon as I can. But please leave recommendations/questions below for the next video!! Thank you for all the support <3

  • by Даша марч Posted 03.03.2022 17:00

    Я одна здесь русская?

  • by Жания Даулеткызы Posted 13.03.2022 20:10


  • by Merima Rekic Posted 04.04.2022 12:15

    Pa imam je i ja

  • by Mz Tae Tae Jones Posted 04.04.2022 12:15

    I love your channel cheeky it's so cute

  • by Shr1mpii Posted 14.04.2022 16:11

    I just bought one today I can't wait to take cute Lil pictures of it!

  • by Regina Nicole Gómez Ocampo Posted 17.04.2022 13:44

    I al ready have one yeyyyyyy I love she she's name is Amie and is so cute please do more videos of cheeky 😀

  • by Escuela de patitos Posted 21.04.2022 16:16

    hello so cute

  • by Fire_light54 Posted 28.04.2022 13:55

    Just bought a LalaFanFan! ITS SO CUTTTTTE <3

  • by ★Ina★ Posted 06.05.2022 23:55

    Love this Video😘 im gonna do this when i get it if its okay!

  • by Grace Pejoro Posted 12.05.2022 15:26

    Cheecky is so cute

  • by Defnotrose_ Posted 12.05.2022 15:26

    Great vid! Ur so underrated and this is just what I was looking for. Loved that you kept it simple! New sub!

  • by yaya Posted 18.05.2022 02:50

    Hello Cheeky! :O

  • by Marie_the_duck! Posted 22.05.2022 13:27

    THIS IS SOO CUTE! i actually bought one from amazon yesterday… It is supposed to come tomorrow! I cant wait.

  • by Bigail Barraza Posted 26.05.2022 14:04

    Gracias. Necesitaba. Una. Rutina. Para. Kira. 😘🥰

  • by DuckyBoba Posted 30.05.2022 22:06

    Hi cheeky in boba I’m a fan 😀

  • by Chocolate marshmallow Posted 07.06.2022 13:18

    So cute

  • by Paper duck Posted 13.06.2022 13:55

    Nice video ! I ordered 3 duck plush on Lazada and 3 pcs of clothes for them 😀 I earn money from doing chores are my mom and dad gave me some. Money for free 😀

  • by UNICORN DIY Posted 22.06.2022 22:21

    Can you teach us where you buy the duck?:)

  • by Wendy Tu Posted 28.06.2022 13:36

    Please tell where u get

  • by • XxCookiPlayzYTxX • Posted 28.06.2022 13:36

    I have this same duck lol! I got one yesterday bc my friend bought me it, I named mine “Susu” he’s rlly adorable and is my new friend

  • by #suchABaddie Posted 09.07.2022 06:07


  • by #suchABaddie Posted 09.07.2022 06:07

    Also cheeky You've gained a new sub!💓 I have a question do you have more then one duck?

  • by #suchABaddie Posted 09.07.2022 06:07

    So amazing 💓 I'm getting a adorable duck tomorrow so excited (I got mine from Amazon She's so cuteee🥺💐🍨💓🍥

  • by ⚡️ Mousy the mice⚡️ Posted 09.07.2022 06:07

    I got a duck is yellow and his names it's avocado🥑

  • by #suchABaddie Posted 21.07.2022 12:18

    0:07 this part is amazing

  • by Madie 🐸 Posted 27.07.2022 03:48

    Mine is called darling

  • by Soraya ASMR 매는 Posted 17.10.2022 23:18

    I wanted that but it is pink and my say yes I can have it

  • by Valerie ^^ Posted 17.10.2022 23:18


  • by Awhb3rry Posted 17.10.2022 23:18

    wow cheeky is so cute <3🤩

  • by Ash West🤍 Posted 17.10.2022 23:18

    Where can I buy one?

  • by -iris— *-fly high Queen Elizabeth-* Posted 17.10.2022 23:18

    Hewo cheeky I kiki an my cousisn is coco OH SORRY YA’LL MY LALAFANFAN WAS ON MY PHONE

  • by Milkshake Posted 17.10.2022 23:18

    Where did you get him/her

  • by _-Jade the.. stop who?-_ Posted 17.10.2022 23:18


  • by 🐥•la pollita de cam•🐥 Posted 20.10.2022 16:09


  • by m a y a s w o r l d! Posted 20.10.2022 16:09

    btw what app do u use to edit?

  • by Quit Posted 20.10.2022 16:09

    Aww so cute 🥰 I got a lalafanfan she’s coming today +new subscriber ❤️

  • by •𝓢𝓹𝓻𝓸𝓾𝓽• Posted 20.10.2022 16:09

    We all love cheeky!!!

  • by Sheenak1786 Posted 23.10.2022 04:47

    what are thoes cauld

  • by •luvxevelyn• #stopanimaltesting Posted 11.11.2022 18:46


  • by J.U.S.T.S.I.P.P.I.N.G.T.E.A Posted 14.11.2022 05:53

    I have one! It’s so cute I love to sleep with them !

  • by LilyXdonuts!-Offical donut channel🍩 Posted 19.11.2022 17:23

    I have the same duck!

  • by jollymaddie🎄◡̈ Posted 05.12.2022 16:05


  • by Peach Dreams Posted 08.12.2022 16:08

    My duck Dumpling, loves watching Cheeky 😀

  • by zuky09 Rmz Posted 21.12.2022 19:56

    Cheky me encant yous videos so cutes

  • by Minako 🐝 Posted 23.12.2022 07:06

    Cute 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • by BunnyLoverYT Posted 29.12.2022 10:30

    Make MORE!!!!!!!

  • by Gen Posted 23.01.2023 09:00

    Hi I'm a new subscriber!😀

  • by CallmehKorbyn Posted 22.02.2023 06:07


  • by Simply Delilah! Posted 23.02.2023 16:14


  • by 🍰MILKCREAMBINKY 🍓 Posted 11.06.2023 11:07

    Is It Okay If I Have The Same Duck As Yours?

  • by •realsummer_fairy• Posted 11.06.2023 11:07

    where did u buyed this?

  • by 🍓milkcreambinky 🌸 Posted 30.06.2023 12:33

    Is It Okay If I Have The Same Duck As Yours?

  • by I’m the Roblox girl! Posted 20.07.2023 18:53


  • by 𝑁𝑜𝑡𝑀𝑎𝑟𝑖𝑒𝐸𝑑𝑖𝑡𝑠♡ Posted 10.10.2023 06:21

    Btw cheeky's so cute like awwww

  • by Julia Gamer Posted 31.10.2023 11:47

    Adorei o vídeo eu assisto todos os vídeos seu

  • by @ShailiEditz Posted 30.11.2023 21:05

    So cute!❤

  • by @evelynevelyn879 Posted 19.12.2023 11:28

    Que bonito

  • by @Aesthetic_Cat325 Posted 27.12.2023 09:53

    Tbh,I have a duck with the same clothes as Cheeky lol ✨

  • by @Aesthetic_Cat325 Posted 13.01.2024 04:43

    Tbh,I have a duck with the same clothes as Cheeky lol ✨

  • by @MarcosAntonioDaSilva-oq7cx Posted 02.02.2024 17:17


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