6 DIY Lalafanfan PAPER DUCK Valentine’s Day party – Duck clothes and accessories

DIY Valentine’s Day party for Lalafanfan Duck from paper! In this video, I’ll show you how to make clothes, a handbag, sweets and a Valentine card for Lalafafan duck out of paper with your own hands.

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  • by Frédéric Kransfeld Posted 28.02.2022 08:49

    Cool en niet ik kan geen engels maar je bent de beste meisjes YouTube er ooit

  • by Iris het superzusje Posted 28.02.2022 08:49

    Dit is het muziek van de bellinga's lalalala lalala

  • by Berensu Belinay Kütük BTS💜 Posted 28.02.2022 08:49

    😍sister was very nice, well done

  • by Pablo Sitan Posted 28.02.2022 08:49


  • by gloriisocean! ´ˎ˗ Posted 27.04.2022 07:44

    i really love this!!

  • by Мирослава Кабалюк Posted 17.10.2022 23:08

    А я зробила антестрес з Уті і одяг

  • by Ayesha and Abraham or ibrahim Posted 21.02.2023 06:06

    it's so cute I making it😍😍😍

  • by @ver_ronik_ka Posted 05.02.2024 04:37

    Вау😻як гарно!

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