To crochet this LALAFANFAN DUCK amigurumi you need

– Yarn 4 ply: yellow and orange color yarn
– 4 -5 mm crochet hook
– Fiberfill for stuffing
– Sewing needle and scissors
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  • by 11.Việt Hà Posted 25.01.2022 21:59

    em muốn làm size 50cm thì làm nhue nào ạ

  • by ᕦ B L A N K ᕤ Posted 25.01.2022 21:59

    How do you make the pom pom and beak by using yarn??

  • by Jeannine Noorda Posted 25.01.2022 21:59

    Where can I buy those lips?

  • by Rohaizat Adiha Roslee Posted 25.01.2022 21:59

    so cute

  • by 11.Việt Hà Posted 03.02.2022 03:32

    I want to crochet size 50cm, how can I do it?

  • by canal elite.1001 Posted 04.04.2022 12:15

    Só cute

  • by Carmen López Posted 18.04.2022 18:16

    La parte qué falta qué

  • by Elyta Revilla Posted 05.05.2022 16:09

    Que número son los ojos de seguridad? Muy bonito

  • by Annabella Lps Posted 17.05.2022 01:42

    plis white duck pliss the mouth its a crochet

  • by Elina Posted 17.10.2022 23:24

    Muy lindos!! Gracias por compartir!🍀✨✨🍀🙌

  • by Nany Rodrigues Posted 23.02.2023 16:06

    Bom dia na carreira 6 7 e 8 não da a quantidade de pontos que vc fala fazendo os aumentos poderia me ajudar?

  • by catalina castillo Posted 09.04.2023 21:57

    Cuánto mide?

  • by @wedsondouglas7782 Posted 17.01.2024 06:08


  • by @marapacheco3613 Posted 04.02.2024 16:46

    Traduzir para português

  • by @marapacheco3613 Posted 05.02.2024 04:25

    Estou amando❤❤❤❤❤

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